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Three Pillars Performance

My name is Wade Houchin and I’m extremely excited to begin this new journey! I’m a 38 year old follower of Christ, husband, and father of 4 children (ages 21,13,11, and 9). I have an immense passion for athletic performance and drive for continued education and am always taking steps to improve myself in many areas in order to best serve the people I work with.


As a high school coach for the past 13 years, I understand the demands of sport and the intangibles  that athletes must possess to compete at their utmost potential. Performance training is a key piece of that puzzle and many athletes simply don’t have access to a quality training experience. Additionally, many adults need solid advice and simple solutions that will improve their quality of life. We are able to provide solutions to both current problems at Fit4Lincoln. With new ownership and a host of improvements already completed (and much more to come), our little “hidden gem” on 33rd and B is on the cusp of providing one of the best experiences and values one can find in Lincoln and the surrounding area! Now is the time to get on board!

This year, I will be leaving the teaching profession to join Fit4Lincoln on a full-time basis and leading the new “division” of athletic performance, 3PillarsPerformance. I’m excited to put my education and experience to work for the people we are already serving at Fit4Lincoln and to build many new relationships with those who seek to better themselves in the areas of athletic performance, personal / individual training, pain relief, and overall well-being!

I’m a life-long learner that is always seeking an edge to provide unique and proven methodologies to the health and wellness industry. I have two college degrees in secondary education from Concordia University, Nebraska and two Master’s degrees in the areas of Coaching and Athletic Administration and Coaching and Exercise Science from Concordia University, Irvine California. Additionally, I am certified in Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), Institute IP Level 1, Knee Ability, and am a member of the RealMovement global coaching community. I will never stop learning and bettering myself and offering the best and most advantageous applications to improve my client’s lifestyle and performance. 

As a washed-up former college athlete, I’m still striving to live my “best life” by taking care of myself and putting my actions where my mouth is. I eat well, train hard, and study religiously. This is what needs to happen in order for me to provide an elite experience for my clients and to set a great example for my own children as well. 

 I have made it my mission to surround myself with those much smarter than myself in order to never find comfort or contentment with my present skillset. A level of productive discomfort must always exist to facilitate a growth mindset. I have no desire for anything average in my life. This allows me to always chase the next best thing to add to my toolbox. Though I fail to achieve even my own standards sometimes, I won’t stop the chase toward an elite lifestyle! 

Gaining knowledge is not always about applying what is the most new and popular. I don’t prescribe to “flavor of the week” nonsense. I build my foundation on timeless truths, networking with the greatest people on planet earth, and results. Working with myself and our growing team at 3PillarsPerformance, will enable you to elevate your quality of life and performance. Health and wellness is a lifelong game and there are no quick fixes. Though we do offer and promote small group performance training in addition to 1 on 1 personal training, please know that we respect and act upon the fact that each client is unique and deserves the individualized care and attention that we are committed to providing. Come grow with us and you’ll see what sets us apart! This is just the beginning...everything elevates from this point forward!