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CJ Cooper

Owner, Coach

CJ is a small-town Nebraska guy from David City and has lived here in Lincoln for the last 20+ years. He is married to his wife and they have 4 children.  CJ attended Concordia University in Seward, NE, studying Pre-Medicine / Business and played NAIA College Baseball. After college, He spent the first few years of his professional life in the advertising industry traveling the country and then changed to being a local Banker here in Lincoln for the last 13 years.


Sports, Fitness, Nutrition and overall Health have always been a passion of his throughout his entire life. He has been on both ends of the fitness spectrum: from a Collegiate Athlete in great shape to an overweight, out of shape dad/husband....and everywhere in between. He knows what it's like to have to stay disciplined both in diet/nutrition and in daily workouts/exercise. His story is an interesting one and he'll be happy to share it with anyone.


CJ also has a passion for baseball and has coached youth, high school, and college players. His teams have always had an emphasis on development and progress, consistently striving to be better both on and off the field...and they have a couple of back-to-back State Championship appearances to prove it. In addition, CJ has been involved in Health and Sports Community for 20+ years here in Lincoln, coaching/organizing/teaching/officiating with Lincoln YMCA, NSAA Basketball, GPAC Basketball, USA Softball, USSSA Baseball, USSSA Softball, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, City Impact, and various other organizations. His heart and passion is in this industry and it's his lifelong dream to own a business like this.

CJ has experience in weight loss, strength training, overall nutrition, healthy eating, meal planning and has lived the life of someone that has battled with changing their body, mind, and spirit. He also has sports specific athletic training, with emphasis on strength, speed, quickness, agility, and explosive personal training. He has led group classes, completed individual training, and assisted teaching/leading other coaches with their teams. He looks forward to meeting those of you he hasn't had a chance to talk with yet.

Lastly, for fun, CJ enjoys spending time with his family, hiking in the mountains, and completing home improvement projects.