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The 3PillarsPerformance is built upon the “pillars'' of Activation, Adaptation, and Acquisition/Achievement.


One must activate the correct bodily systems for optimal performance. 


Activation is accomplished via a variety of modalities but has its origins within the neuromuscular, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems.  With increased access to these systems in proper sequential order (prior to intramuscular activity) the body will have the necessary pathways to perform at peak potential.  The common modalities for training and rehabilitation across multiple disciplines fail to adequately address these primary systems of human functionality.  

Adaptation is multi-faceted and complex, yet it must be presented to the athlete in a simple and progressively transferrable manner.  This modality involves enhancing the body’s innate ability to “level up” to stress placed upon it.  Stress-related adaptations present themselves in various dimensions including the muscular system, sleep, and nutrition and all possess the ability to generate equally beneficial or detrimental outcomes.  


Acquisition represents the product of proper implementation given the two aforementioned modalities.  When these principals are properly applied with efficacy and consistency, the person will acquire both immediate and sustainable change, providing for increased quality of life and optimal holistic performance.  They will be able to Achieve their goals and more!